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Fuchsia OS: Google’s Next Bet

Fuchsia is the name given to an operating system that is under development at Google. Little is officially known about this project so far. According to, “Pink + Purple == Fuchsia(a new Operating System)” The aim behind developing this operating system is to build a system that works across all types of hardware devicesContinue reading “Fuchsia OS: Google’s Next Bet”

Search Engines

A search engine, also known as a web search engine, is a system software that discovers relevant contents on the internet based on given queries. It is one of the most widely used softwares all over the world. History WHOis was the first domain search engine with limited capabilities invented in 1982. Alan Emtage, togetherContinue reading “Search Engines”

What is SCRUM

SCRUM is an agile framework to handle complex projects. It is lightweight in nature and is matured enough to work with large projects. Ken Schwaber, together with Jeff Southerndown developed the Scrum framework in early 1990s. Although it is mostly implemented in software development, its popularity in other non-IT domains keeps surging. Roles: There canContinue reading “What is SCRUM”

AI in Web: Machine Learning in Browser

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been the buzzword of this decade. It is the technology to give a machine or program the ability to copy human cognition or simply, to solve problems on its own. Programs that implement AI algorithms require high efficiency and optimiza Machine Learning models are no more just desktop-based. With the advancementContinue reading “AI in Web: Machine Learning in Browser”