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Optimize Flutter Apps: Fast Flutter App Performance

Flutter is performant by default . Developers behind Flutter and Dart have spent an enormous amount of time to make their performance near-native . However, as we have recently developed & released the Rokomari app , Bangladesh’s largest online bookseller app using Flutter (Dart) – I have found several peak-points that require optimization . Flutter,Continue reading “Optimize Flutter Apps: Fast Flutter App Performance”

Palindrome Number in Swift

A Palindrome number is a special type of number that reads the same if read in reverse . Problems relating to Palindrome are common in both programming and mathematics . We shall implement a program to implement Palindrome number in Swift language . A short note on Swift: Swift is an open-source programming language developedContinue reading “Palindrome Number in Swift”

Getting Started With GIT

GIT is a version control system that tracks all the changes in a project or file. It is widely used by developers all over the world due to its simplicity and efficiency. GIT and GitHub are not the same – GitHub is an online host or storage where files or projects can be saved, updatedContinue reading “Getting Started With GIT”

What is SCRUM

SCRUM is an agile framework to handle complex projects. It is lightweight in nature and is matured enough to work with large projects. Ken Schwaber, together with Jeff Southerndown developed the Scrum framework in early 1990s. Although it is mostly implemented in software development, its popularity in other non-IT domains keeps surging. Roles: There canContinue reading “What is SCRUM”