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Optimize Flutter Apps: Fast Flutter App Performance

Flutter is performant by default . Developers behind Flutter and Dart have spent an enormous amount of time to make their performance near-native . However, as we have recently developed & released the Rokomari app , Bangladesh’s largest online bookseller app using Flutter (Dart) – I have found several peak-points that require optimization . Flutter,Continue reading “Optimize Flutter Apps: Fast Flutter App Performance”

Provider: State Management in Flutter

What is State Management?The state of an app is any data that exists in the memory when the app is running . This state is crucial to rebuild the UI . It may range from assets to variables whose change of value may affect the UI . What does Provider do?Provider is Google’s recommended wayContinue reading “Provider: State Management in Flutter”

Dart and Flutter for Multi-Platform Apps

Dart programming language has a rich set of features ( i.e. Hot Reload, Null Safety, AOT+JIT ) powering Google’s Flutter SDK to build Android, iOS, Web, Linux, Windows & Embedded System apps from a single codebase. You may try here: Learn Flutter: Dart: Dart: #flutter #dart #android #ios #windows #linux #embedded #desktop

Picasso Library in Android

Picasso is a widely used library in Android Studio. It helps to load images of various formats. Images can be edited, resized and cropped using Picasso. It is named after the famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso. Steps to use Picasso: 1. In build.gradle, add implementation ‘com.squareup.picasso:picasso:2.5.2’ 2. In Manifest file, add <users-permission android:name=”android.permission. INTERNET”/> 3.Continue reading “Picasso Library in Android”