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Optimize Flutter Apps: Fast Flutter App Performance

Flutter is performant by default . Developers behind Flutter and Dart have spent an enormous amount of time to make their performance near-native . However, as we have recently developed & released the Rokomari app , Bangladesh’s largest online bookseller app using Flutter (Dart) – I have found several peak-points that require optimization . Flutter,Continue reading “Optimize Flutter Apps: Fast Flutter App Performance”

Provider: State Management in Flutter

What is State Management?The state of an app is any data that exists in the memory when the app is running . This state is crucial to rebuild the UI . It may range from assets to variables whose change of value may affect the UI . What does Provider do?Provider is Google’s recommended wayContinue reading “Provider: State Management in Flutter”

Palindrome Number in Swift

A Palindrome number is a special type of number that reads the same if read in reverse . Problems relating to Palindrome are common in both programming and mathematics . We shall implement a program to implement Palindrome number in Swift language . A short note on Swift: Swift is an open-source programming language developedContinue reading “Palindrome Number in Swift”

Dart and Flutter for Multi-Platform Apps

Dart programming language has a rich set of features ( i.e. Hot Reload, Null Safety, AOT+JIT ) powering Google’s Flutter SDK to build Android, iOS, Web, Linux, Windows & Embedded System apps from a single codebase. You may try here: Learn Flutter: Dart: Dart: #flutter #dart #android #ios #windows #linux #embedded #desktop

Picasso Library in Android

Picasso is a widely used library in Android Studio. It helps to load images of various formats. Images can be edited, resized and cropped using Picasso. It is named after the famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso. Steps to use Picasso: 1. In build.gradle, add implementation ‘com.squareup.picasso:picasso:2.5.2’ 2. In Manifest file, add <users-permission android:name=”android.permission. INTERNET”/> 3.Continue reading “Picasso Library in Android”

Hyperledger Fabric : demystified

Introduction Hyperledger is a project that consists of several frameworks and tools to implement private and permissioned blockchain. Initiated by the Linux Foundation that has a rich heritage of open source contribution, the Hyperledger project has been contributed by several giants, including IBM, Intel, Hitachi, Daimler, Samsung and Walmart – to name a few. FabricContinue reading “Hyperledger Fabric : demystified”

Inspecting Ethereum’s Blocks: The Web3py Way

Ethereum is a public blockchain used worldwide. It has rich features to implement “Smart Contracts”. A smart contract is basically a program that contains the business-logic and transaction related conditions that has to be deployed on a specific peer. Web3py: It is a Python library that eases the interaction between the client and the EthereumContinue reading “Inspecting Ethereum’s Blocks: The Web3py Way”

Redis Overview

Redis is a project by Redis Labs whose sole purpose is to implement an in-memory database that supports various data structures. Originally developed by Salvatore Sanfilippo in 2009, its current version is 6.0.9 as of September 11, 2020. Redis is open-source and is under BSD license. Mainly its of key-value nature and written in ANSIContinue reading “Redis Overview”

Getting Started With GIT

GIT is a version control system that tracks all the changes in a project or file. It is widely used by developers all over the world due to its simplicity and efficiency. GIT and GitHub are not the same – GitHub is an online host or storage where files or projects can be saved, updatedContinue reading “Getting Started With GIT”

Knowing JIT

Just-In-Time Compiler is a special type of compiler, or component of an environment that combines the power of compilation and interpretation to boost performance. It is a mid-way between compiling and interpreting. Although the term was coined by James Gosling later, John McCarthy and Ken Thompson are the pioneers in developing this technology. Functionality AContinue reading “Knowing JIT”

Composer: PHP’s Package Manager

Composer is a package manager for the PHP programming language, its frameworks (i.e. Laravel, Symphony, CodeIgniter and more), Ecommerce platforms (i.e. Magento) and Content Management Systems (i. e. Drupal, SilverStripe) . Developed by Nils Adermann and Jordi BoggianoIt (2012), it deals with software distributions as well as performing package-related operations from installing to updating toContinue reading “Composer: PHP’s Package Manager”

Single Page Application

A Single Page Application (SPA) refers to a modern web application that can load its sections dynamically as required, rather than traditional full-page loading. It requires the combined use of several frontend technologies to build an SPA. Development of such applications are on the rise due to the performance and advantages over traditional websites. FeaturesContinue reading “Single Page Application”