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Can my word be a Palindrome?

A palindrome is a number, sentence or word that reads the same forward and backward. Even a DNA structure can be a palindrome. It has significance in various branches of higher research. Word examples: madam, bobNumerical examples: 101, 191Date & Time examples: 12:21, 11/11/1111, 12/12/2121Sentence example: Rats live on no evil star Although mostly numbersContinue reading “Can my word be a Palindrome?”

Palindrome Number in Swift

A Palindrome number is a special type of number that reads the same if read in reverse . Problems relating to Palindrome are common in both programming and mathematics . We shall implement a program to implement Palindrome number in Swift language . A short note on Swift: Swift is an open-source programming language developedContinue reading “Palindrome Number in Swift”