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Optimize Flutter Apps: Fast Flutter App Performance

Flutter is performant by default . Developers behind Flutter and Dart have spent an enormous amount of time to make their performance near-native . However, as we have recently developed & released the Rokomari app , Bangladesh’s largest online bookseller app using Flutter (Dart) – I have found several peak-points that require optimization . Flutter,Continue reading “Optimize Flutter Apps: Fast Flutter App Performance”

Dart and Flutter for Multi-Platform Apps

Dart programming language has a rich set of features ( i.e. Hot Reload, Null Safety, AOT+JIT ) powering Google’s Flutter SDK to build Android, iOS, Web, Linux, Windows & Embedded System apps from a single codebase. You may try here: Learn Flutter: Dart: Dart: #flutter #dart #android #ios #windows #linux #embedded #desktop

Knowing JIT

Just-In-Time Compiler is a special type of compiler, or component of an environment that combines the power of compilation and interpretation to boost performance. It is a mid-way between compiling and interpreting. Although the term was coined by James Gosling later, John McCarthy and Ken Thompson are the pioneers in developing this technology. Functionality AContinue reading “Knowing JIT”

Fuchsia OS: Google’s Next Bet

Fuchsia is the name given to an operating system that is under development at Google. Little is officially known about this project so far. According to, “Pink + Purple == Fuchsia(a new Operating System)” The aim behind developing this operating system is to build a system that works across all types of hardware devicesContinue reading “Fuchsia OS: Google’s Next Bet”