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Fuchsia OS: Google’s Next Bet

Fuchsia is the name given to an operating system that is under development at Google. Little is officially known about this project so far. According to,

“Pink + Purple == Fuchsia
(a new Operating System)”

The aim behind developing this operating system is to build a system that works across all types of hardware devices (i.e. from phones to tablets to home automation systems).


Initial release of its codebase on GitHub was made on 15th August 2016. Google broke the silence about Fuchsia at Google I/O 2019 as an ongoing experiment. Its official website, was announced on July 01, 2019.

Core Development

Fuchsia is open-source and powered by a microkernel named Zircon. It has been developed to scale almost all sorts of applications from embedded to mobile to desktop apps. Its zyscalls are highly-efficient and non-blocking.


  • Universal platform for all device types
  • Concurrent multi-tab view
  • Scaling power
  • High-performing support
  • Rich Graphics & UI
Fuchsia OS on Pixelbook (Credit: Ars Tecnica)

Technical Stack

As of now, these languages have been implemented to build Fuchsia:

  1. C
  2. C++
  3. Dart
  4. FIDL
  5. GO
  6. Rust

However, its official website states that it is open to aspiring contributors if they wish to bring other languages to add to this system.

Fuchsia OS on Windows 10 (Credit: SkinPack Pinterest)


Although Fuchsia is still at a development stage, it has attracted attention around the world. If this project becomes successful, it may showcase the potential to replace existing operating systems and thus, devices of all types will be run on a single operating system.


Published by Farial Mahmod Tishan

Life-long learner. Developing Flutter apps on Parrot Linux OS .

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