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Getting Started With GIT

GIT is a version control system that tracks all the changes in a project or file. It is widely used by developers all over the world due to its simplicity and efficiency. GIT and GitHub are not the same – GitHub is an online host or storage where files or projects can be saved, updated or edited using GIT.

” So, GIT is like your Keyboard
GitHub is your Computer Memory. “

GIT is:

1. Open Source
2. Free
3. Distributed
4. Fast
5. Efficient

GIT Commands

1. git init initiates a new local repository
2. git status shows current project status
3. git add . copies all the files to the repository
4. git add FileName adds a specific file to the repository
5. git commit -m “Your Message” commits and highlights a message
6. git remote add origin <URL> connects the local repository to the URL-linked online repository
7. git push origin master pushes changes to the remote repository
8. git log highlights all the commits
9. git blame FileName shows the users that updated the file with time
10. git branch -av displays all the connected branches
11. git branch BranchName produces a new branch
12. git branch -d BranchName deletes a branch
13. git remote show RemoteRepo gives information on a remote repository
14. git fetch RemoteRepo downloads information from a remote repository
15. git merge adds a branch to the current Head
16. git pull RemoteRepo BranchName works as fetch+merge action
17. git mergetool initiates the mergetool to resolve conflicts

These commands would be extremely helpful to get started with GIT version control system.


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