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Composer: PHP’s Package Manager

Composer is a package manager for the PHP programming language, its frameworks (i.e. Laravel, Symphony, CodeIgniter and more), Ecommerce platforms (i.e. Magento) and Content Management Systems (i. e. Drupal, SilverStripe) . Developed by Nils Adermann and Jordi BoggianoIt (2012), it deals with software distributions as well as performing package-related operations from installing to updating toContinue reading “Composer: PHP’s Package Manager”

Single Page Application

A Single Page Application (SPA) refers to a modern web application that can load its sections dynamically as required, rather than traditional full-page loading. It requires the combined use of several frontend technologies to build an SPA. Development of such applications are on the rise due to the performance and advantages over traditional websites. FeaturesContinue reading “Single Page Application”

Search Engines

A search engine, also known as a web search engine, is a system software that discovers relevant contents on the internet based on given queries. It is one of the most widely used softwares all over the world. History WHOis was the first domain search engine with limited capabilities invented in 1982. Alan Emtage, togetherContinue reading “Search Engines”